The Tale of Bellows (Fuigo)

@A bellows (Fuigo) is so much essential with Black Smith that he can not work without Fuigo.
Because Fuigo has been an important tool by which Black Smith must heat up iron material and keep its temperature during the forging. The development of Fuigo with the improvement of furnace has made the progress of the techniques of Metal Forming.
@In a famous animation movie in Japan, titled "the princess Mo-no-no-ke", you can see a foot bellows which is operated by hero A-shi-ta-ka and women. Black Smith in early days, could make his business with Furnace and bellows, hammers and tongs, and of course with his arm.
Fui-go has long history from an era Before Christ.

Fui-go made of leather Mural in Rekumara Fui-go made of leather Iron works drawing owned by Kobayashi Fui-go made of Bamboo Black Smith in the Manyans
Box Type Fuigo Itohara Memorial Hall Footing Fuigo The drawing Collections of Famous things of Mountain and Sea in Japan Balance Type Fuigo Wako Museum
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