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The Tale of a bellows (Fuigo) 1

Fuigo has long history from an era Before Christ. In this letter, we will introduce a painting which was painted on a wall of the grave in Rekumara of Tebe on about BC1500.
You can see two Fuigos on both sides of furnace. And you can see clearly that metals which are melted in crucible, are cast into a mold. A soldier who has a sword like dagger or arrowhead, is drawn.
These Fuigos has a shape of flat bowl with leather. By pulling up these fuigos with strings and by pushing them with legs, air should be sent to furnace. You can see a man who carries something shaped like a spool on his shoulder in the right side of this painting. This "something" is called "ground metals shaped like leather of ox", many of them were made in the area of Mediterranean sea and these ground metals had been refined in so higher grade that products should be completed by only melting these metals.

Tebe : a Polis in old Greece
Crucible:a heat resistant bowl in which metals should be melted

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