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The Tale of a bellows (Fuigo)   4

Long long ago, on 8th in November of some year, a blacksmith closed his shop and was drinking with visitor. Then, someone like a runaway, came into shop and asked to shelter him. The blacksmith let go him into Fuigo and lied sake, lamplight, foods on Fuigo and let hung around Fuigo a thick, twisted, straw rope with stripes of white paper and made a pretence of being at their prayers. Then, a pursuing party came into shop as they said "hand over a runaway to us". They looked everywhere of shop, but they could not find him. At last when they wanted to look into the Fuigo, The blacksmith saved the situation by saying "As today is Fuigo festival, please do it tomorrow". When the blacksmith look into Fuigo after the pursuing party went out of shop, he could not find the runaway who should be in Fuigo.
After that event, as this blacksmith's shop had been prosperous, they made a tradition to do the Fuigo festival on 8th in November of every year.

Tetsuzan Hitsuyokiji (Mr.Hisho Tetsuzan); this tale is the origin story of Fuigo festival which was found in this book written on Edo era(1784) about Ta-Ta-Ra iron works by Mr. Shigenaka Shimohara. This tale is translated into current Japanese and into English.

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