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The Tale of a bellows (Fuigo)@T

...Wemen who are dripping with sweat, are operating Ta-Ta-Ra with their legs beside a great furnace in which is burning brightly. All day long, they continue to operate Ta-Ta-Ra to blow air into furnace for melting of iron sands continuously.

"Oh, Ashitaka" Toki became aware of Ashitaka, she called to him. Ashitaka said "O-toki-san, let me do it by myself". Ta-Ta-Ra operaton, it was hard work for Ashitaka who was a man....This is one scene in animation movie titled "The princess Mononoke"
The stamping type of Fuigo has a structure that Fuigo body is a dish with walls and bottom made of clay and is divided into two rooms at center. Each room has one suction valve and one exhaust valve. A close fitting Shima(island)-ita(plate) is inserted into each room. The up and down operation of these Shimaita blows air to furnace.

The stamping type of Fuigo is used in Ta-Ta-Ra works, appear in animation movie titled "The princess Mononoke". The iron works inside of a building called "Ta-ka-do-no" has begun at middle of Edo-era, there were no Ta-ka-do-no in times of "The princess Mononoke".

Figure at left side bellow is a scene in "The princess Mononoke" and figure at right side bellow is a drawing of Ta-Ta-Ra (Fuigo) painted in the drawing Collections of Famous things of Mountain and Sea in Japan(1754).

Reference materials
"The princess Mononoke" Tokuma-shoten 1997
Saiko(Mining) and Yakin(metallurgy) Nihonhyoronsha 1983
The video casette of "The princess Mononoke" has been released.

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