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The Tale of a bellows (Fuigo) 3   

There is a mask to be used by a buffoon actor in a sacred music and dancing. The mask looks like a funny face of man who screw up his one(1) eye and purses his lips as he makes a fire by bamboo blowpipe. This mask is calld "Hyottoko". The word " Hyottoko"is a dialect made from words "Hi(fire)-Otoko(man)". It is said that these masks imitated a face of man who wanted to make more wind to make a fire with fierce look.
But there was a limit for man to make blow by his mouth, the technique of blowing was improved gradually. One type had a structure like water gun. Another had a combined structure of two pipes, showed in photo. The higher efficiency type of combined structure of two pipes still is used in southeast Asia, Myanmar, the Philippins and etc,.
This photo of blacksmith is a scene of sword smith of the Manyan tribe which is a minority race in the Philippines and lives in Mindro island. A child is operating a Fuigo beside his father who is forging a sword. This Fuigo can blow air to furnace in both process of pushing and pulling back. This structure is the same as one of Japanese Fuigo called "Sashi-Fuki" Fuigo.

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