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A left picture is reprinted from the 'star and mark of the ship' edited by Nobelshobo (AD1970)

It lived in the Scandinavia, and Viking which it was afraid of in Europe in the time between the 12th century from the 8th century was excellent in the navigation, and they ran commerce mainly. This Viking couldn't stand up to severe Scandinavian life, and they were aiming at the emigration to the warm paradise. Iron processing technology, the technology of the woodwork which it is excellent about, the ship that it is excellent and voyage technology supported their life. An anchor was discovered in Danish Fin Island, and the chain of 10m and more and hemp cable were connected with the anchor. It is said as the product of the 10th century. They build residences at once in the land found newly. These products made from iron such as the carpenter's tools, a voyage tool, a weapon were created by Blacksmith( Kajiya).