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The Kitamae-ship in edo peripod was mainly active in the line which it went south from Hokkaido to Yamaguchi prefecture and passed Seto Inland Sea to Ohsaka. A sea tangle, herring manure and manure for the production of the raw cotton were carried from Matsumae of Hokkaido to Ohsaka. Then, the rice, salt, sugar, iron and chinaware was carried from Ohsaka to Hokkaido.
This Kitame ship had eight 4 nail anchors (Yotsuzume-Ikari) and the biggest one was 100 kanme (375Kg). 5 kanme (about 20Kg) each equipped order with the lightened thing from No.1 anchor. A votive picture can see the state.

Ohmihachiman city  The ship votive picture of the possession of Enmanen(part)  Reference document Gijutsu-no-Tabi written by Kazuo Iizuka Hitachi Vol.51-9