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Kuki Water Army  (AD 1593)

Nobunaga Oda aimed at the world unification. But, he had a long-term battle forced for Ishiyama Honganji temple control. He uses the Kuki water army for the battle (Ishiyama battle (1570year-1580 years) with the Mori water army which protects Honganji. But, the first battle was defeated. He commanded Yoshitaka Kuki who constructed the large ship which equipped the gun of the iron lining, and then he acquired the command of the sea of Ohsaka bay, and this battle faced the end.
The Kuki water army was useful at the time of the Korean dispatch of troops of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It is left a drawing which showed that a flag carrier which makes Narutaka Kuki who is the eldest son of Yoshitaka Kuki was a general, the Nippon-maru are placed in the center of battlefield
A ship was connected with the chain, and then they blockaded a port by the tactics of the ship fence. The anchor of 4 fluke and a chain are being drawn. But, the Japanese water army was beaten by the tortoise armor ship of Re-Shunomi who was a general in the Korean army. Incidentally, he is worshiped as the hero who protected Korea against enemy now, too.

Materials Kumano Motomiya-Taisha Kumano Kuki water army on display(Wakayama prefectural museum)