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The first chain of anchor

The history of the anchor chain is old. It was the thing when an Alexander big king attacked Chil City in 332 B.C. Because an enemy came to a limit, he used an iron chain as the anchor rope of the ship of the supporter.
The following description is left in the ancient documents. "Caesar broke Venetian of the Brittany Peninsula south shore in B.C. At that time, their ship was connected with the iron chain." It is understood that an anchor chain has already been used for 2000 years as well from this description.
English blacksmith acquired a patent in 1643. (Phillip White) The English navy thought that it was intended to be adopted. But, it wasn't actually used.
The ship said as Ann Isabela in the sea with the tremendous drift ice in 1808 used an anchor chain, and then it was anchored. It became reputed that the anchor chain of this ship wasn't cut off though rope of some Tomari ships was cut and those ships took rope in this ship. 
Incidentally, this anchor chain was created by Robert Flinn. Shackle was developed in the same year, and then Swivel was developed in 1811, too, and then Stud was devised in 1813. The use of the anchor chain proceeded rapidly by these ideas and the development because the inconvenience of chain disappeared and strength became stable and then the connection of the chain became easy.

A right figure shows anchor chain of the warship The Kaiyomaru of Edo shogunate established in the Netherlands in the Edo Period end.
(AD 1865)

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