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The battle of Dannoura  (AD 1183)

This battle was the battle of GenHei(Genji and Heishi) and the Genji Family and the Taira Family were passionate, and contended for the supremacy. The battle of Dannoura (Shimonoseki City) ended in victory of the Genji and came to a conclusion for both quarrels. This results be done by Tanzo
who had a powerfull water army under his control and added to army of Genji.
It is interested about when an iron anchor(I-Ka-Ri) began to be made in Japan from. But, the time doesn't be known at present yet. When a big anchor is made, a large quantity of high-quality iron is necessary, and moreover the technology that a big iron lump is connected with forging is indispensable. And, therefore the fund power and the power were necessary.
The samurai who put up a big anchor made of the iron in the battle picture figure of Dannoura is being drawn. Has there been an anchor at that time yet? There is about to be a doubt. Incidentally, this picture was produced in the Edo Period latter half.

Materials Kumano Motomiya-Taisha Kumano Kuki water army on display(Wakayama prefectural museum)