Myochin tongs

@@Every work day ,I,Munemichi,is forging iron metals which are at white heat. The iron is very marvelous things. In spite of the hardest between metals, I can create any shape from irons. But this is the world which only forging masters will be able to feel.
In this my forging life, I feel and wonder that a hand of man does not consume its usability.Because, my hand has made up and down hammer by 20,000 cycles per day with no oil supply. When "Hand become sharp",any products will be created with "no trouble". This situation is talked by forging masters as follows; Hand decides its position by itself.

When one work finish and make break time, I often say to my hand that you has aged visibly. All swellings and bruises of my hand is also my friends on the way of iron forging.
My wife who has been my better half long time has experienced some painfullness during this forging life ,but she has taken care of peevish man(me) without any comment. What I am now, has been made with all of you who have encouraged me and my wife who has supported in house. Thank you so much for all of you.
And I become the father of family of three children(boys) and I expect and am very pleased with which these children will transfer this tradition and techniques of Myochin tongs to 21 century.

@ Click this button, then you can download the sound of Myochin tongs(as a hanging bell)

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