Myochin; a jobbing forge which continues its life from Heian era

"Myochin" is family name of Kajiya which started forging work for armors on Heian era. Myochin family immigrated to Himeji by request from Sakai-Utanokami-Tadakiyo. You can find their salary data are written in some old records.
When they lost their salary from their Lord, they began to make iron tongs to earn a livings. This tongs are goods which were developed by Muneyuki Myochin who was 49th head of family.
But they could find few working products in their works, for the demand for tongs had reduced in about 1965. Sohri who will become 52nd head of family, thought deeply and developed the Myochin Fu-rin(wind bell). Developed Fu-rin sound cool which deserves the name of Myochin.
The family name" Myo-chin" has origin in words of speech by emperor Konoe(1141-1154) who was presented armors from them. Emperor Konoe who was impressed by its cool sound and said ;
"Sonorous in sound, light is bright (Myo) like a sun, very unique rare (chin) goods so they was called as Myo-chin(Bright and Rare in Japan)..."
Satoshi Myochin has maintained traditions as Kajiya of armors with his younger brother named Takumi and his son named Sokyu. He has created goods for flower arrangement and for lighting with technique of traditions as Kajiya of armors with his words as follows;
"Because I am only one point in the flow of Myochin."

Old book written about production of Sword guard and Guard itself.

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