Chain production in Himeji

Our history shows that a advanced technical engineers group had emigrated into Himeji area from korea peninsula and that the basis of the iron industry,the forging industry and the casting industry had been created in old age.
Some mold of "Do-ta-ku" and pieces of iron products have digged out from Nakoyama ruins of the civilization which had been during B.C.2 to 1 century.
These old advanced techniques had been used as the jobbing forge of nails, called "Kugi-kaji" and the repairing forge of farming tools ,called "No-ka-ji" and the life of jobbing forge industry have lived in this Himeji area.
Mr.Chozo Segawa who was born at Shirahama in Himeji, founded the company of chain production at Ohsaka on 19xx(last stage of Meiji era). When the work orders increased greatly and they were not able to produce products required by orders at only Ohsaka factory in head office , they had constructed their Kiba factory in Kiba of Himeji on eraly years of Taisho era.
As people who had the techniques of the "Kugi-kaji"and the "No-ka-ji" had put their hearts into production of the Chain which was one of new products,one of the greatest forging chain production valley have constructed in Himeji area.
The production techniques of chain had greatly renovated by evolution of metal connecting techniques, from "by forge" to "by electrical welding" and to "by flash butt welding machine"at about 1960(middle of Showa 30s). In same time, the ship production industry in Japan had rapidly grown up to the highest ship production country in the world.
With grouth of ship production, the Himeji had grown to the highest production area of chains in Japan. The Himeji chain industry has supplied products to market in Japan and also in the world. The supply share of products in Japan is 70% just now.
We would like to become to "a jobbing forge in a village", named in Japanese as"Mu-ra-no-ka-ji-ya" which has a heart same as hearts of old advanced technicians long long ago and will be able to serve any works for any people.

Photo shows;

A votive picture of chain which had been dedicated to the Ha-ya-ka-wa shrine which is Anari in Shikama-ku of Himeji city.

Letters of "Yasutaro Kato Nov.,1918" is written on this votive.

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