Sculpture by a Japanese artist unveiled

In a project initiated by the ACT government, Oushi Zokei, dream lens for the future by Mr. Keizo Ushio, 

2011 May Solo show in Stockholm
June SxS Arhus 2011
March SXS Cottesloe 2011
2010 March Sculpture by the sea Cottesloe 2010
March a new sculpture at the Esplanade Station
April An unveiling ceremony at Hyogo diplomatic establishments
June ArtsCape Biennial 2010
2009 August Book :Mathematicians of the world ,Unite
March SXS Cottesloe 2009
June Sculpture by the sea Arhus

Sculpture by the Sea in Denmark

October Sculpture by the sea Bondi 2009 Keizo &camberracanberraTerada
Novenber Hyogo Culture Prize
2008 September Solo show Robert Steele Gallery in NYC
September Decade club of SXS
August Book "Oushi zokei-Keizo Ushio"
October SXS Bondi '08
Keizo works
June Preview of solo show in NYC
"Journal of Mathematic Culture" in Japan
"Fine Art material book" in JP
"PERSEEING December 2007 by NAT.
March Sculpture by the sea Cottesloe 08
March Keizo Artist in desidence at Gomboc Gallery in Perth WA
November Sculpture by the Sea Bondi 07
May-December Nagano city sculpture awards process
March Sculpture by the sea Cottesloe 07
March Mexico Yucatan Merida 2007Japan-Mexico Exhibition
November Sculpture by the Sea Bondi 06
Chiyomi solo show in Tetsuya
JP sculptors
August ICM
International Math Congress
June Veksolund Denmark
June SXS in Japan
June SXS at Keizo studio
March Sculpture by the Sea 2006 Cottesloe Beach
January St. Place Osaka Art Project
2005 October the 18e Salon International de l' Art-Libramont
March Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe

Solo Exhibition in Sydney

May the Netherlands
October Nishi-Harima Stone Sculpture Symposium 2005
November Sculpture by the sea Bondi 2005
2004 Jyunichi Inoue Bormholm island in Denmark