Unveiling ceremony

The chairman: Mr. Tamisuke Watanuki ,Lower House Speaker
Sculptor Keizo ushio explains the cocept of sculpture
Projector member
Immediately after unveiling. A gaze of the chairman
Front: The son of the Haraguchi Mr. Yoshiro Haraguchi
Middle: Mayor of Kobe Mr Yada TATSUO.
Back: former Governor Hyogo Mr Kaihara TOSHITAMI and Sculptor KEIZO.
Mr. Tamisuke Watanuki, Mr Kaihara Toshitami,and Keizo
Keizo explains the work progress
Governor Hyogo Mr.Toshizo Ido, A greeting and a chat with Chiyomi who is wife of Keizo
Sculptor Jon comes from Ohio greets with Governor Hyogo Mr.Toshizo Ido