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1999年3月29日米国、新たな歴史が始まった! ダウ20000ポイントへ特集記事!!

   "The internet economy is reshaping the fortune of business, countries and people, leveling the playing field for
                      everyone and driving the most significant economic shift since the Industrial Revolution"
                                                                                             John Chamber,  Cisco Systems's president

Hi, there. I am BustaKei,  a-29-year-old guy working for a Japanese stock exchange company.
I am glad that you visit my page. This page provides you with what I am thinking about high-tech
stocks. It is not easy to make $ on the stock market. So, you have to BOOKMARK this to survive.

こんにちわ! BustaKei です。 このページを見てくれてありがとう。 米国ハイテク株についてのページ
です。 僕が言うまでもないですが、現在世界は ” 情報通信革命 ” が起こっていると言われてます。

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     1/17/1999    "After several years of fighting the establishment, Internet retailing and consumer e-commerce
                    - known as e-tailing - have finally proven viable and they are moving into the mainstream"
                                                                                                    - Sara Zeilstra, an analyst at Warburg Dillon Read
     1/7/1999     "1998 was the year that Internet stocks became household words - taxi drivers spit out ticker
                    symbols and discussed online trading"   (1998年はインターネット株が家庭用語になった年だ。タクシー

                          "Bubbles burst and bubbles come back. The constant has been industry growth"  (バブルははじけ、
                                                                                                    - Steve Harmon, analyst for the Internet.com