The Top Floor of Main Tower   Bizen Bailey

This is the sixth floor, the highest floor in Main Tower. The Main Tower with the stone walls is about 46 meters high. The Main Tower is built on Mt. Hime which is about 46 meters high , so the total height of Main Tower is roughly 92 meters high above the sea level.
It has an area of 115 square meters. This floor was constructed in a residential style; the room is rectangular and the corridor around the room is one step lower than the center room. The type of corridor is called a Monomi Corridor, whose function is for observation. The windows are not in original condition. In the feudal period the windows had no iron bars so that the lords could enjoy the panoramic view from the tower. Please enjoy the spectacular view of the Banshu Plain from the top floor. Photo of Osakabe Shrine on the top floor of Main Tower

Small Towers (Kotenshu)

The Main Building Complex consists of one big main tower and three small towers. The corridors link small towers (Kotenshu) with Main Tower(Daitenshu) on the second floor. These small towers are arranged in the east, northwest and west in a shape of an Igeta form().

Bizen Bailey(Bizen Maru)

This place is now called Main or Bizen Bailey but long time ago it was referred to as Taiko Maru. This is where the residence of Lord Ikeda was located.

The Dignified Appearance of Main Tower

Photo of Main Tower

Everyone will notice the impressive figure of Main Tower surrounded by three small towers. The Main Building Complex of Himeji Castle is in the Coalition Style and most buildings are completely covered with white plaster. The castle is noted for the multi-storied construction, the combination of gable types , the pleasant warp of eave corners, and the solid designs that the rafters at the back of the eaves describe.
All these things are well-proportioned and beautiful, and they seem to awake something in ours hearts. This is indeed a fine example of a Japanese castle, praiseworthy throughout the world.