West Bailey or West Quarter

This place is called West Bailey or West Quarter because it is located to the west of the Main Bailey. Many buildings stand in line on the left side including corner towers, passageway corridors, Nagatsubone and Tamon. These are collectively called Hyakken Corridor or Long Corridor Building. The building with the length of 1,000 feet or 300 meters has a series of small rooms in it, which can be used as warehouses or as a fortress. This dual purpose is rare in castle construction.

This picture was painted by late Mr.Jiro Narui.

Honda Tadamasa built West Bailey on Mt. Sagi. In the front, there was a mansion called Chusho Maru where Tadatoki (Tadamasa's son) and his wife,Princess Sen lived. The building was transported from Fushimi Castle in Kyoto and was a fine example of the residential style architecture. In Hyakken Corridor or Long Corridor Building there are over 40 rooms, collectively called Nagatsubone. It is said that many court ladies and their maids lived there. Beautiful pictures of flowers and birds were drawn on the inside doors and baseboards. It is said that windows and walls had some trace of powder and Kane (used to blacken teeth).


This is a passageway corridor which was used as a warehouse for weapon and Mushabashiri (Warrior Hallway) in case of war. But usually this was a residence for women,and men could not enter it. Women asked men servants to go on errands from a narrow path on the stone wall beside Nagatsubone