The History of Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle began in 1333 when Akamatsu Norimura,guardian of Harima Province, raised an army,following Imperial Prince Morinaga's order to subjugate the Hojo Family and built the fortress. Norimura's son,Sadonori built up a mansion on Mt. Hime, where present Himeji Castle stands now.
The recent study says that the Kurodas built a castle from 1555 to 1561 under the permission from their master, Masamoto Kodera Then in 1580 Hashiba Hideyoshi (Later Toyotomi Hideyoshi) built a three-storied main building, following Kuroda Yoshitaka's advice and he used it as the base for an attack on the Western part of Japan.
In 1601 Ikeda Terumasa,Ieyasu's son-in-law(He was called the leader in the Western area.) built a magnificent main tower with three small towers around it with financial help from the Tokugawa Government. The construction was finished in 1609.
Honda Tadamasa, who lived here after the Ikeda Family, received Senhime or Princess Sen as his son's wife.
He added the West Bailey with a long corridor building in it, Then the whole part of the castle grounds was completely finished in 1618.

Some of the feudal lords who once lived in this castle from the time when Akamatsu Sadanori first lived here.

Akamatsu Norimura            1333
Akamatsu Sadanori            1346  
Kodera Yorisue               1349
Yamana Mochitoyo             1441
Akamatsu Masanori	     1467
Kodera Toyomoto		     1469
Kuroda Shigetaka	     1545
Kuroda Yoshitaka	     1567

Hashiba Hideyoshi	     1580
Kinoshita Iesada	     1585

Ikeda Terumasa		     1600
Honda Tadamasa		     1617
Matsudaira Tadaaki           1639
Matsudaira Naomoto	     1648
Sakakibara Tadatsugu	     1649
Matsudaira Naonori	     1667
Honda Tadakuni		     1682
Sakakibara Masakuni	     1704
Matsudaira Akinori	     1741
Sakai Tadazumi		     1749