Viking who had been from 8 century till 12 century and who had been feared by European, had lived in Scandinavian peninsula and had the excellent sea-navigation technique and had been engaged in commercial business. But they had been feared as the Viking, for they plundered any things from citizens in everywhere.
Long ago,they had been a group of the Gelmanic race who had lived in north european area and had lived their life with hunting, fishing and trade on the sea.
As Viking had been not able to bear severe life conditions, they went to another area which had warmer climatic condition.
They had been supported to live with processing technique of iron, technique of wood working and navigation technique with excellent ships.
When they found a new land for them to live, they began to make houses. Carpenter's tools, navigation tools, arms which is products made from iron, were created by jobbing forges.
Key persons in new land, were bosses of Jobbing forges.

By the way, almost of all fishery men in Canada and USA, are people who had emigrated from Norway. They are descendants of Vikings???

@@The Viking's ship which has very elegant curved structures.

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