Shape and use of chains

Chains are made in many kind of shapes. Stud link chain which is set a stud in the center of chain to control its deflection, is used for mooring of ship.
Short link chain which has small shape link, is used for lifting tools.
Long link chain is used to conveyor systems.
Round rings can be linked into chain, which is used as a tool to crush limestones to pieces.

Anchor Chain     (for ship-mooring)
Buoy-mooring Chain    (for buoy-mooring)
Conveyor Chain     (for conveyor tool)

Chain Block       (for loading and unloading)
Industrial hanging Chain (for loading and unloading)
Fishing weight Chain   (for fishing )

Chain for scaffold lifting      (for temporary materials)
Automobile tire Chain
 (for Automobile)
Chain for railings
Chain for swing
Necklace and Bracelet  (for adorning)

Chain for hemp gown (for arms)

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