The Cheshire home has 320 houses in 57 countries now.
Our "harima home" succeeds to their idea of English.
The Foundation came into being in 1948 to provide disabled people with services which were not then available to them. At that time it was a matter of providing residential accommodation on family lines for people who could no longer live at home and might otherwise have to spend the rest of their lives in the geriatric ward of a hospital. Since then the Foundation has expanded so that it now provides a range of services which complement those of statutory authorities and which develop further to meet new needs and new situations. The Foundation recognizes that the Government's policy for care in the community creates a new situation with new challenges.
In the past 40 years from small beginnings the Foundation has built up a wide national - and indeed international - organisation. As a result it has been able to attract and draw on an extensive fund of skills from experienced voluntary and professional people who work in partnership co-operating with the Foundation's committees at local level.
This has led to the development of a variety of services and settings for people with disabilities which have been brought into being at a local level in response to local demand.
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